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What’s the Difference Between the Facebook Audience Network and Ordinary Facebook Advertising?

what is facebook's audience network

Unlock the potential of Facebook advertising beyond the platform. Explore the Facebook Audience Network’s benefits, ad types, and optimization tips for an extended reach in online advertising.

Introduction: Navigating the Social Advertising Landscape

Digital marketers and CMOs face challenges assessing the efficacy of PPC and social advertising. While Facebook advertising holds undeniable allure, the quest to extend its influence beyond the giant platform led to the advent of the Facebook Audience Network – a game-changer in online advertising.

What Is The Facebook Audience Network?

Understanding the basics is crucial. The Facebook Audience Network serves as a curated collection of Facebook-approved mobile apps and websites where ads find their space. It acts as a bridge, unleashing the power of Facebook advertising beyond the confines of the platform.

5 Benefits of Joining the Facebook Audience Network

  • Reach Beyond Boundaries: Connect with Facebook users outside the platform, including non-Facebook members, broadening marketing scope similar to the Google Display Network.
  • Remarketing Reinvented : Diversify campaigns, interact across platforms, and reconnect with the audience at opportune moments through more apps.
  • Security Matters : Assured virtually fraud-free operation and minimal bot traffic enhance the security of advertising efforts on the Audience Network.
  • Cost-Effective Clicks : Enjoy lower Cost Per Click compared to other placements, expanding reach and conversions effectively.
  • Advertiser Outcome Score: Facebook’s commitment to content quality reflects in the Advertiser Outcome Score, providing feedback for continuous improvement.

How the Facebook Audience Network Works: Decoding the Basics

To leverage the potential, understanding the five fundamental ad types is essential:

  • Native Ads Seamlessly Blending In: Grant control over ad unit design, seamlessly integrating into the user experience.
  • Banner Ads: Making a Statement at the Top: Visible at the app’s top interface, demands concise yet impactful content.
  • Interstitial Ads: Full-Screen Impact: Displayed during app transitions, offers cross-platform campaign opportunities.
  • In-Stream Video Ads: Short, Sweet, and Natural: Needs finesse; keep them short, native, and relevant for audience engagement.
  • Rewarded Videos: Tapping into User Engagement: In-app advertising experience involving users opting in to watch videos in exchange for virtual currency or in-app items.

How to Join Facebook’s Audience Network: A Step-by-Step Guide

Joining is a breeze, taking about fifteen minutes. Follow these steps:

  • Create a new App ID or select an existing one connected to Facebook.
  • Add your app.
  • Create ad spaces.
  • Integrate the Audience Network’s SDK.
  • Test integration.
  • Submit your app for review.
  • Provide payout information for a smooth financial flow.

7 Tips On Optimizing Your Facebook Audience Network Performance

  • Trust in Simple Insights: Rely on easily decipherable data for impactful campaign adjustments, using Facebook SDK or third-party tracking sites.
  • Advanced Targeting Unleashed: Utilize the same targeting available for standard Facebook ads, ensuring personalized and relevant campaigns.
  • Image Dimensions and Ratios Matter: Stick to recommended aspect ratios for visually appealing ads in user-focused campaigns.
  • Navigate Content Visibility Challenges: Unlike the Google Display Network, the Audience Network lacks visibility into the exact content your ads are displayed with. Consider your brand’s sensitivity to content placement.
  • Watch Your Columns: Beware of the absence of a frequency cap on the Audience Network. Monitor ad rotation and diversity to prevent ad fatigue and burnout.
  • Isolate an Audience Network Ad Set: Segment ad sets for better performance analysis. The Audience Network may convert differently, warranting a separate budget based on its unique performance.
  • Optimize for Mobile: Ensure your website or landing page is mobile-optimized before delving into the Audience Network. Embrace the mobile-first movement for enhanced performance.

Takeaways — Extend Your Reach With The Facebook Audience Network

As digital marketers, it’s time to elevate strategies with the advanced tactics of Facebook and ordinary social advertising. The Facebook Audience Network offers a conduit to extend these strategies across the app-verse, broadening your reach and witnessing a performance surge.


Navigating the social advertising landscape becomes more profound with the integration of the Facebook Audience Network. The ability to extend strategies beyond the confines of Facebook’s platform opens new avenues for marketers. By understanding its benefits, ad types, and optimization tips, digital marketers can leverage the power of the Facebook Audience Network to broaden their reach and witness a significant surge in performance.

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